My Services

Ahh, the sordid topic of coin… Yes.

I’m a big believer in being upfront and accessible, so I’m always happy to discuss payment options, but here’s a basic breakdown of what I offer and the price.

The only area I’m not super-flexible on is deposits; all bookings must be secured with a £500 deposit within a week of the booking appointment. I offer no-obligation consultations so you can meet me before making the decision.

My birth packages include loan of a birth pool if you fancy using one.

Full maternity package £6300
Antenatal OR postnatal support only, excluding attending your birth £1800
Antenatal AND postnatal support, excluding attending your birth £3400
Individual non-clinical consultation (tea and talk) £80
Individual clinical consultation (hands on) £180

Complementary Therapies

For clients booked with me, I routinely include aromatherapy, reflexzone therapy and moxibustion (if indicated) in my care.

If you’re not a client but are interested in these services, single appointments are £180. A detailed history will be taken to ensure treatment is appropriate, but the appointment will not include an antenatal or postnatal check. Do feel free to get in touch for a chat about any specific requirements you have.


For clients within a 30 mile radius of my home, there is no extra mileage charge. If you live beyond this, a mileage surcharge of 45p per mile applies. As an example: If you live 40 miles from me, the first 30 miles are covered, leaving 10 miles each way, per appointment. That works out at a charge of £9 per appointment.

Mileage surcharges may be paid on an ad hoc basis, or as an agreed lump sum up front.

How often do we see you?

Antenatal support includes a visit roughly every four weeks up to 30 weeks, every two weeks until 36 weeks, weekly up to 40 weeks and twice weekly until birth.

If you wish me to attend your birth, I am on call from 37 weeks until your baby makes their appearance, day or night  (sometimes both!)

Postnatal support provides daily visits for the first seven days post-birth, then roughly every 2 – 3 days until 14 days, twice weekly until 28 days, then weekly until discharged. These are rough rules of thumb and I will always work to your unique needs.